Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Avoiding the necessary

Funny how we always save those tasks we don't like for the last minute. I am currently hunting and gathering all the receipts and paperwork from 2009 in order to complete my taxes. My goal is to finish it tonight and have a restful night of sleep. So what am I doing? I'm here on this blog avoiding what I need to be doing.

Of course, working on taxes prevents me from working on getting my images up on the blog, but I promise that is next! What hurts the most is having to avoid my studio in order to take care of business. When I don't get in there for a few days, I get pretty cantankerous. It is where I find my solace and healing.  Tomorrow is a new day for painting. I can't wait!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pardon my negligence

Yes, I know, I have sorely neglected this blog. I am not always the best communicator. I read other people's blogs, and love seeing their progress and hearing about the great things they are doing with their life. I know that if I want the public to see my art, I must get the word out there.

For years I have looked forward to making my living as an artist. I have tried websites and "played" with this blog. I must admit that my marketing attempts have been weak at best. On a positive note, I have worked at developing my own personal style. I stopped trying to please others, and that has allowed me to discover new techniques and find myself, so to speak. I've had some successes at local shows and even got a trip to the White House with a Christmas Ornament that I hand painted in 2008. Impressive, sure, but am I really getting it out in front of people who would enjoy what I do? Not really.

I am no longer waiting for that rich patron to come along and rush me into the New York art scene to be discovered. I realize that if I want to sell art, I need to be the one to do it. So, in the near future, (as soon as I can figure out how all of this works), I will be placing my latest works on this blog and adding a PAY NOW button.

So be watching for some positive changes, and I hope you enjoy the new works I will be posting very soon. Thanks for watching!