Thursday, April 29, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

For someone so technologically(is that a word) challenged, I can't believe I finally completed my website and was able to point to old one to the new one. I guess for many people out there, that's a pretty (yawn) boring accomplishment, but it wasn't that long ago that I didn't even know how to do email. Computers terrified me.

Now I realize they are just a tool, and for an artist, one that is hugely important to getting my work out there. I'm learning and trying to keep up with what's popular this week. So I blog, I twitter (not much), I Facebook, and post notices on anything and everything. I think the final frontier for me is to begin to market to a target audience about my meditation art and my expressive art classes. That's really where I want to go with it.

Now I believe the foundation is there and the sky's the limit as far as where I can go. I feel so accomplished, and I'm doing it myself! For a long time I thought the way to go was riding on someone else's shirtails, but I realize I can only be happy doing it the way I want to do it.

So I am following my dreams and things are beginning to happen. I feel a little like Dorothy in the last scene of the Wizard of Oz. Now I know I have had the power all along. I just needed to find it in myself.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Am I now?

I am getting ready for another show. This one is at GC 5 Vintage & Gifts in Wake Forest. It's a cool little place with a comfortable retro vibe. Between family health issues, work (the day job) and life's little problems I feel so far behind. At least I have updated my website. I am going to attempt (very soon) to have my old site point to the new one.

Over the weekend, I thought I  had done just that, and in reality I did just the opposite. Luckily my new site was still there and after some "instruction" I was able to get it back. I never knew a website could suck up so much time.

So now it's back to updating the blog, finishing up the last class for awhile and getting back in the zone to paint. There's one piece that I'm working on that is really "speaking" to me. Not sure where it wants to go, but I just keep watching it kind of happen. It's starting to feel like being in a beautiful golden cave with copper accents. Hope I can pull off the finish. I'd hate to screw it up at this point. I'll post it when I get closer to the finish line.